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Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepard Dog is seemingly calm and kind; however, by nature, they are autonomous and their primal instinct is still predominant. These dogs are like small bears, their size ranges from 65 to 70 cm. They are robust, have massive bones, strong muscles, a big head, wide skull, dark eyes, strong torso, wide back, and also a deep and wide chest. The fur is predominately iron grey; however, the following colours are also intertwined: rusty brown, straw yellow, white and sandy brown. Although some can even have spots. As a watchdog they are self-supporting. They decide when and how to act. An adult Caucasian Shepard Dog weighs around 80 kg. The male is a somewhat heavier than the female and its neck has got more of that thick fur. The litter usually has 6-8 dogs. Their life expectancy is 10 years. This is an excellent watchdog. It preserved it primal instincts, pride, and full dependency. This dog can´t be bribed.


The Caucasian Shepard Dog is one of the oldest breeds. It was named after the Caucasian mountains. There it was protecting the shepherds, their families, and domestic animals from predatory beasts. They taught it to be a watchdog, to be able to fight off wolves and bears. It became suspicious of every living being, non-submissive, and acquired an excellent sense of direction. The remoteness of the isolated European and Asian mountain ranges and the natural selection helped to shape this breed. Only the strongest, the biggest and the smartest survived.
From 1930 the Caucasian Shepard Dog was used in the Red army as a watchdog. They were the pride of Stalin´s homeland. Because of those harsh conditions the dogs became even more resilient and stronger. When they used them in the Siberian concentration camps they proved to be more effective than the German Shepard Dogs.
From Moskva, the breed spread to every Eastern European country. In 1961, when the »Berlin wall« rose, East Germany exploited the guarding skills of this ancient breed of dogs against its own population. A huge dog without being in contact with people – they would stop everyone in their path. Nowadays, the Caucasian Shepard Dog is extremely rare in Western Europe. Towards the end of the 70s, the Russian showed exhibited the dog and it was greeted with great acceptance.
In Slovenia, this is a rare breed of dogs; although, the interest is growing. Breeders are unanimous that this dog needs a lot of space. This isn´t a dog you would keep in a house – not because of its size. The Caucasian Shepard Dogs is bred to be living in wide open spaces, where it feels the most comfortable.


This breed can be summed up with the following rule: »Don´t want yours and won´t give mine«. The dog is very suspicious and aggressive toward strangers. If young dogs are left to a solitary life and don´t receive the needed kindness and strict nurture, then, later in life, they will not be able to socialize and adapt to the needs of the modern society. Puppies, small hairy balls of fur, do not seem to be able to grow into a huge dog which is going to set its own rules when it steps into puberty. Many dogs are put away because the owner isn´t able to handle this real beast.
If the dog receives proper upbringing, it’s hard to imagine a better and smarter companion, a well-schooled and socialize Caucasian Shepard Dog. Despite all of these, the dogs still represent a big challenge and a great responsibility for the owner and the family.
In the USA, the breed is compared to a loaded gun without a safety pin. Because the primal instincts are present, the dog will rage whenever it feels someone dear to it needs to be protected.
The animal is going to confront the threat without hesitation. When in combat, they fall into a trans-like state that fends off any kind of pain. Once this is over, they suddenly become kind and caring toward their family.
In the past, we had Yugoslavian Shepard Dogs. Now our animals, buildings, and wealth – when there are no visitors – is being guarded by three schooled Caucasian Shepard Dogs.

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