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Alongside the most famous homing pigeons – which were bred because of their excellent orientation and flying skills – their structure and colour is similar to that of the Rock-pigeon. Rock pigeon is the ancestor of domestic and purebred pigeons. They also live in the Slovenian littoral, Karst, Istria and all the way to Macedonia. Their habitat stretches from Ireland to the Himalayas and they live on the shores of Asia. There are 13 subtypes of wild rock pigeon. Pigeons have a total of 60 genera and 400 species.

Did you know that a couple spends up to 25 years together? The pigeon represents loyalty, love, and peace. An old saying goes pigeon on the roof, peace in the house. These animals are dubbed “the keepers of god´s realm”. Currently, there are many types of different shapes and colour, for instance Victoria crowned pigeon, Pouter, king, dragon, florentine, badget… Some breed them for their meat others breed them for decorative purposes.

Wild pigeons lay eggs twice a year, domestic and purebred pigeons lay them 5-6 times a year. They are unique because of the milk goitre which has grown next to the normal one. The male usually also sits on two eggs and later feeds them. The offspring are being fed with milk for the first three days.

Piškotke uporabljamo, da bi izboljšali uporabniško izkušnjo. Z uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate, da jih lahko uporabljamo. Preberi več.