pygmy goat
They are silver-grey and black and are very small. Some have white freckles. They don´t have a double chin but they have a chin. Males have larger horns than females. They live in equatorial Africa in dry areas - deserts and savannahs with poor vegetation.


They usually eat grass and other plants. We also give them grain and fruit.


Their time of mating varies, however, they usually give birth during the spring to 1-2 baby goats. Gestation lasts for around 151 days. Their life expectancy is 15 – 20 years.


The African Pygmy Goat is related to the domestic goat which was domesticated 10.000 years ago. They were used to supply people with milk and meat. Their practical size and resilience allowed them to survive even in places with little food.

Dusan Kreslin
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