Boračeva 54A
9252 Radenci


+386 (0)41 314 241



About the Estate, about the Location

The ZOO is located on the estate in Boračeva, a place in the municipality of Radenci – not far from the health resort. Beautiful forests surround the ZOO. One side of the forest reaches all the way to the river Mura, while the other end touches the wine-growing hills.

We try to constantly introduce new animals to the ZOO, upkeep our accessible paths and maintain the surrounding clean. We are also expanding the animals´ habitat to accommodate for extracurricular and educational activities.

Contact with animals

The modern children aren´t in touch with nature enough. They barely know it and have no knowledge of nature´s rules. They do not interact with animals enough. The ZOO is specifically built to accommodate for this. Our visitors can watch, pet, feed, photograph and jot down interesting facts about the animals. This can be done under the watchful eye of an expert. Those eager for equestrian sports can ride horses or learn the basics of horse riding.

We have socialized our animals. Animals are constantly interacting with each other and with us. Their habitat is 2.7 ha large. Different groups of animals occupy the pastures at different times. We also cultivate 6.5 ha of land for obtaining quality fodder.

In the future, we wish to expand our offer by building a larger terrarium, an educational forest road and by introducing new animals to our ZOO.

Piškotke uporabljamo, da bi izboljšali uporabniško izkušnjo. Z uporabo spletnega mesta soglašate, da jih lahko uporabljamo. Preberi več.