The best family experience!



The best family experience!


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Our zoo is an estate, located in Boračeva. Boračeva is a small village in the municipality of Radenci, not far away from the famous spa. We are surrounded by lush forests, which stretch all the way to the river Mura, and breath-taking vineyard hills. The zoo is constantly improving – new animals are brought in, new living habitats are created, pathways and the surrounding is being tidied. The zoo is appropriate for different extracurricular and educational events.


Our animals

Our animals are very friendly and socialized. They get along very well because the live with us and with other animals. All animals are put out on pasture in intervals. We have 2,7 ha of living space and 6,5 ha of land to grow fodder.

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ZOO Events

  • The zoo offers a new experience – camps
  • 6., 7. in 8. July 2020

You can feed and get to know the animals, take walks in the nature, enjoy handicraft workshops, experience sports and aquatic adventures, social games, ride ponies, drive a jeep around our safari and experience our “Čiriburibumbamtresk” playground and more.

  • Lučkolandija in jaslice
  • December 2020

what it means ? SIKALUZOO

what it means ? SIKALUZOO

  • SI - Sinaj
  • KA - Kalina
  • LU - Luna
  • These are the names of our children.
  • The word ZOO needs no explaining.