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Greek tortoise

(Testudo Graeca)

This kind has a yellowish 20-30 cm big shield. Their chest shield is black and has a yellow stripe going through the middle. On its genitalia, there is a pink extension. They differ from others due to the upper rear tile above their genitalia – it is split. This isn´t the case for the Greek tortoise. Those tortoises have green-yellow blotches on their heads and legs.


Dry steppe areas with many sunny days. Subtropical Adriatic climate with warm summers is also adequate. They need their winter rest. They feed on plants, occasionally with smaller vultures. They live in Greece, on Balkan (Macedonia), Sicilia, Corsica, south France and west Spain. They can reach 100 years of age.


They breed in May and June. Eggs (4-7) are buried into the earth – 15 cm deep. Male digs them out after June. Baby tortoises hatch after 70-90 days – It depends on the temperature and moisture. It’s hard to breed them in captivity.

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