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South American coati


Latin name: Nasua nasua
Size of the body:43-47 cm
Tail: 45-68 cm

These miniature bears live in Central and Southern America and in North-Eastern USA. They are very strong. They are a mixture of a racoon, bear, and a panda.
They have a long, circular tail and a straight and flexible snout. They use it to sniff around crannies and holes in search of food.

These groups of 40 or more individuals live in mixed and leafy forests. They feed during the day and night. They only rest when the temperatures are extremely high. Bugs are their main source of energy. They like sweet stuff –, especially fruit. Occasionally they eat a raw egg, young birds or even lizards.

After mating, the groups disperse. The females go away to give birth to the offspring. They give birth to 2-7 offspring. Gestation lasts for 77 days. They give birth in a cave or in a nest on a tree. After 2 months the females reunite with the last year’s offspring – both genders. Only males, older than 2 years, can join this group during the mating period. The mating period lasts for a couple of weeks. Males submit themselves to females – even during the mating period.

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