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Vietnamese and Göttingen mini pigs

The Vietnamese pigs are much smaller than the domestic pigs. In their country of origin (Vietnam) people eat them. They weigh up to 80 kg and their fur is black. They are categorized as dwarf pigs. There are two more kinds of dwarf pigs. In Europe, all three kinds are bred for decorative purposes.
Besides the Vietnamese pig (the only one living in the wild and wasn´t created by science) we have the American Mini Pig and a pig, crossbred in 1960 by the Germans – cross between the American Mini pig and the Vietnamese pig – named the Göttingen Minipig. If kept in a confined space – apartment – they learn to use the bathroom in a single place. If people are able to understand them, they will quickly identify their number two. Our pigs are outside. This makes them happier.

There are three colour variants: white, pink (as the domestic pig) and black or a combination of white and black. The Vietnamese pig and the Göttingen Minipigs are not susceptible to stress or illnesses. They are not sensitive to cold temperatures, while the American Mini Pig is more susceptible to illnesses (mainly parasites) in doesn´t like to live in cold conditions. This breed was created to live in apartments. They used the Vietnamese pigs to search for truffles. Because dogs are faster and they probably won´t eat as many truffles upon finding them, now dogs are used instead of them.

The male is in gestation for 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. They give birth to 3 – 12 baby pigs which become independent after a month. They are omnivores, as the domestic pigs. Clover is their favourite food. Before giving birth the male makes a bed. They take good care of their babies and defend them from attackers. Our experience shows that the wild boar doesn´t harm them. These pigs have an excellent memory and are extremely emotional. They can co-habit with other animals as well.

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