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Wild turkey

The domesticated turkeys are of different colour (black, blue, yellow, and white). Wild turkeys live in North America (Meleagris gallopavo). This is the kind from which they bred the domestic turkey. They have a strong and a heavy body.

They can be as long as 110 cm. Their head is featherless, colourful and decorated with a double chin. They also have a worm-like skin under their nose – phlegm. Their long body is being carried by long and strong legs. Males grow a so-called “hairy brush” on their chest. They are bronze-black colour, however; their feathers can be brown-bronze.

Adult males can spread their tail feathers in a wheel shape. By doing so, they entice their female counterparts or demonstrate supremacy.

There is also the Ocellated Turkey which likes to live in warmer areas. They live in Central America.

The female sits on the eggs. There are up to 12 eggs in the nest. The male is protecting the nest and courts to other turkeys.

They feed on seeds, grass, and different bugs. Female turkeys weigh 6-10 kg; while males weigh 8-20 kg.

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